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Welcome to the Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM) software download web site.

The IHSDM - HSM Predictive Method 2016 Release Update (version 12.1.0; March 24, 2017) is now available free-of-charge. The 2016 Release (version 12.0.0; September 28, 2016) expanded the IHSDM Crash Prediction Module (CPM) by implementing draft Highway Safety Manual (HSM) crash predictive methods for 6+ lane and 1-way urban/suburban arterials, developed under NCHRP Project 17-58. The 2016 Release Update includes revisions to the Policy Review Module (PRM) to reflect revised controlling criteria for the design of projects on the National Highway System (NHS), published by FHWA in May 2016.

See Release Notes for the IHSDM 2016 Release Update and Release Notes for the IHSDM 2016 Release for more details on enhancements. Please note: The IHSDM 2016 Release Update can be installed over 2011 and later versions of IHSDM.

Through this site you can complete the required registration process and, upon approval, download IHSDM. (Existing registered users, follow the “Download Login” link to access this update. New users, click on the “Download Registration” link.)

The IHSDM - HSM Predictive Method 2016 Release Update includes six evaluation modules: Crash Prediction, Policy Review, Design Consistency, Traffic Analysis, Driver/Vehicle and Intersection Review. To the extent possible, the Crash Prediction Module (CPM) faithfully implements Part C (Predictive Method) of AASHTO's 1st Edition Highway Safety Manual for evaluating rural 2-lane highways, rural multilane highways, and urban/suburban arterials, as well as HSM 2014 Supplement materials on freeway segments and freeway ramps/interchanges. For more information on IHSDM, visit FHWA's general IHSDM website.

On October 20, 2016 FHWA hosted a Data-Driven Safety Analysis (DDSA) webinar on the IHSDM - HSM Predictive Method 2016 Release. A recording of the webinar can be found here. The webinar showcased the newest IHSDM capabilities, focusing on how the tool’s Crash Prediction Module (CPM) can be used to apply HSM Part C predictive methods for:

  • Two-lane and multi-lane rural highways
  • Urban and suburban arterials
  • Freeway segments
  • Freeway ramps and interchanges

Presentation slides from the webinar can be accessed from the IHSDM 2016 Web Conference page.

The web site is organized into the following pages:

You can learn more about the functionality of IHSDM and the IHSDM research and development program at the main IHSDM technology web site.