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FHWA has established a new IHSDM User Group, with the following purposes:

• Providing FHWA with a formal mechanism for obtaining input from IHSDM users regarding IHSDM, including current capabilities (functionality, user-friendliness, etc.) and potential future enhancements/extensions of the software. Input from User Group members will help FHWA establish priorities for future software development.

• Fostering communication between IHSDM users, by providing a forum for users to share their experiences with the software (e.g., success stories/case studies, challenges faced and solutions, building support for using IHSDM within an agency).

• Providing a forum for discussions/presentations on specific IHSDM-related topics.

• Serving as a beta test group. User Group members could beta test new additions/enhancements to IHSDM before the release is made available to the public.

A User Group kick-off meeting (web conference) will be held on Wednesday August 15, from 1:00 - 2:30 pm Eastern time. Additional details for the kick-off meeting will be provided here in the near future. Please plan to participate.